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About us. О компании.

The AVILON Company is the official dealer of the Volkswagen brand (Volkswagen). AVILON is one of the largest car centers of Russia which specializes in sales and service of Volkswagen (Volkswagen), located at Volgograd Avenue, 41/2, near the Third ring road.

The business card of the AVILON Company is providing an exclusive customer service according to the Premium standard implying full support of each buyer both at the stage of acquisition of the car, and during its subsequent operation. AVILON customers have the opportunity to take advantage of a number of special offers, bonuses, gifts and serious benefits.

Сar showroom.

The exhibition halls of the AVILON, located on two floors of the modern building, occupy more than three and a half square kilometers. 31 Volkswagen cars and 7 minibuses for commercial use are constantly demonstrated on this square. Here you can buy original accessories for the car or related products with the brand name of Volkswagen AG. The showroom offers all visitors a comfortable stay in a cozy cafe waiting for the registration of the car, the end of repair or maintenance. This is the first two-storey salon Volkswagen in Russia. In addition, in the customer area of the showroom is equipped with a children's room for kids.

When buying a Volkswagen car in the Avilon car center, the client is given the opportunity to choose the configuration, body color, equipment with additional equipment at will. Upon request, the employees of the showroom, who have received special training in the European dealerships Volkswagen AG will provide qualified consulting services on the selection of the car, accessories and spare parts.

The financial division of Avilon make out Volkswagen cars on credit, leasing, provides assistance in insurance and registration in the traffic police. If desired, customers can take part in the Avilon discount program, and in addition, to exchange a used Volkswagen car by a Trade-in system.

The service center AVILON Volkswagen.

The service area of the car center covers an area of just under 4,000 square meters, where there are 28 lifts for maintenance and repair of all types of cars. In addition, the technical center includes a body and paint shop, the last of which is equipped with four painting chambers Nova Verta, as well as the center of electronic diagnostics.

Customers of the car center have the opportunity to carry out in the technical center planned, warranty and post-warranty service, diagnostics of all systems of the Volkswagen car. In the shortest possible time, highly qualified employees will repair the suspension, balance, install an anti-theft system or additional equipment. At an "Express service" everyone is given the opportunity without an appointment to replace the oil, brake pads, make tire, etc.

In addition, the service center AVILON is equipped with the most modern technological, diagnostic and control equipment for the repair and diagnosis of commercial vehicles Volkswagen of any complexity. Technical center AVILON is practically the only official service in Moscow, where high long-wheelbase version of the Volkswagen Crafter is served. In the technical center increased entrance, high ceilings, a large washing area, stands for gathering-collapse with a capacity of more than 2 tons.

The staff of the center Avilon Volkswagen has passed mandatory training and qualification certification in a specialized training center of the manufacturer.

AVILON has a special quality control Service, which is responsible for continuous monitoring of customer satisfaction with the work of the company, identification and elimination of possible problems.

For corporate clients.

AVILON Company pays special attention to work with corporate clients of the car center. The loyalty program for corporate clients provides extremely convenient and flexible conditions for the purchase of cars and includes:

  • Special prices for commercial and passenger cars Volkswagen of any configuration, including to order;
  • Preferential terms of credit and leasing:
  • Special insurance programs

As part of the personal service of corporate clients is carried out:

  • Preferential service of Volkswagen cars on the basis of Avilon technical center with deferred payment;
  • Round-the-clock evacuation of cars;
  • Delivery of cars to regions to order;
  • Providing cars of the same class for substitution and much more.

The AVILON Company, the official dealer of Volkswagen, is a part of automobile holding "AVILON Automobile Group". The new Volkswagen dealer will also support the unified standard of customer service of AVILON Group. In addition, "AVILON Automotive Group" has extensive experience working with corporate clients, including the interior Ministry, emergency situations Ministry, the Federal security service of the Russian Federation, the Supreme court of the Russian Federation, JSC "Russian Railways", OJSC "international airport Sheremetyevo" Gazprom, DON-Stroy, and allows a new dealer of Volkswagen to offer excellent service to corporate clients.

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